PlaylistBuilder Summary (beta)

LearnerShape PlaylistBuilder uses data science and artificial intelligence to automate the process of building YouTube playlists focused on a target content area. The PlaylistBuilder service provides a unique way to select and organize a focused selection of videos from among the approximately 1 billion videos on YouTube, a task that is simply not possible to do well without such automation.

Benefits of PlaylistBuilder

PlaylistBuilder is initially targeted at higher education institutions (HEIs), to allow them to generate video collections for uses such as:

  • providing students with supplementary content related to their course of study

  • marketing of degrees, programs or courses to prospective students.

LearnerShape is eager to explore with you how PlaylistBuilder can be used for these purposes. To discuss, please get in touch with your LearnerShape contact, or reach out via our website.

PlaylistBuilder is currently in initial beta testing, and we expect to improve it steadily over time.

Steps to Use PlaylistBuilder

Using the beta version of PlaylistBuilder involves two straightforward steps (please click linked pages for details):

  1. generate candidate videos list -- the HEI provides details of a degree, program or course to LearnerShape, and LearnerShape uses these details to run a data pipeline that selects an agreed number of candidate videos from YouTube that are related to the selected content

  2. select and publish videos -- the HEI accesses an online application that presents the candidate videos, allowing it to conveniently select which ones will be included in a YouTube playlist (or multiple different playlists using different combinations of videos) and then to automatically publish the playlist(s) to a YouTube channel.

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