What is LearnerShape SkillsGraph?

TLDR: SkillsGraph allows individual skills to be recorded as blockchain credentials, and authenticated by third parties. And it's open source so anyone can use it for their own applications.

Proof of concept

The current, initial version of LearnerShape SkillsGraph is a proof of concept built with funding for our Universal Skills Authentication project from Cardano Project Catalyst. It includes a set of core features (described in our guides linked below at at the left), which will support initial pilots (see here and here) that are already in progress. You can check out our latest thinking on where SkillsGraph is going.
LearnerShape is committed to our vision to build the world's first AI-driven, open-source learning infrastructure, and SkillsGraph is a key piece of that. If you are interested in diving into the SkillsGraph code, check out the details of how to access our open source code and API.

Let us tell you about it

Got 5 minutes? Check out the video explanation and demo of our proof of concept for the Project Catalyst community.


Follow our handy guides on how to use the proof of concept version of LearnerShape SkillsGraph:
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