The future of SkillsGraph

Our initial proof of concept is just the beginning for SkillsGraph.
We envision many feature and applications for the universal skills authentication infrastructure that SkillsGraph offers. Among other things it can support a supercharged, decentralized digital CV, allowing you to do everything you can do with an ordinary CV (or LinkedIn), plus robust third-party authentication of skills; blockchain verification; AI-based tools to link skills to jobs, education and learning content; a revolutionary graph-based user interface and more.
To make sure that the benefits of our powerful, flexible approach are available to all, SkillsGraph has three key technical pillars:
LearnerShape will deliver and evolve end-user applications using SkillsGraph, and we will generate revenue by doing so. However, the three pillars of our technical approach will ensure that we cannot have a monopoly on applications that use our technology, or exclusive control of your data.
We are taking a step-by-step approach to realizing this vision, beginning with an initial proof of concept (PoC) and moving on to initial pilots for the Cardano community and a global certification company.
Here are some of the short- to medium-term ideas we have for future evolution of SkillsGraph:
  • credential detail - we will supplement the simple credential schema in the PoC with significant additional detail, while retaining compatibility with standards​
  • credential wallet integration - likely to include the RootsWallet being built for Cardano
  • credential presentation
    • making our presentation of multiple credentials consistent with W3C standards for 'verifiable presentations'
    • allowing credential holders to require verifiers to log in before viewing a credential
  • DID management
    • make SkillsGraph DIDs accessible to users (for potential reuse with other applications)
    • allow users to associate a DID created with another application (rather than the DID being generated by SkillsGraph)
  • security
    • multi-factor authentication to access SkillsGraph
    • additional authentication / verification of credential issuers
  • multi-chain interoperability - e.g. Ethereum, Hyperledger
  • user interface and experience
    • general enhancement of simple UI for PoC
    • integration with LearnerShape's methods for graph-based visualization of skills
  • AI integration - integration with LearnerShape's AI-based methods for content and job recommendation​
  • governance frameworks
    • allowing governance frameworks to be clearly linked to credentials
    • providing model governance frameworks.
We welcome collaborators who wish to help us realize our vision by contributing to our open source libraries (including to add the features described above), suggesting ideas or just talking with us. You can contact us at [email protected]